Would you like your child to:

✓  Speak and Write English With Confidence?
✓ Get Better Grades at School and Pass Exams?
✓ Fall in Love With Learning English and Make New Friends?


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Would You Like Your Child to:

 Speak and Write English With Confidence?
 Get Better Grades at School/ Pass Exams?

We Can Help.

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Our Online Tutors

 Native-English  teachers from the UK with a strong knowledge of Mauritian students' needs.

Many years of online teaching experience using high-quality platforms and modern teaching methods.

Qualified and PASSIONATE English teachers who have worked with students all over the world.

Rs 4000 with e-learning or Rs 3000 withoutPer term (includes all fees and resources)

Rs 4000 with e-learning platform or

Rs 3000 without e-learning platform

Per term (includes all fees and resources)

  • High-quality tuition, teachers and resources
  • Cambridge English accredited team
  • Flexible, affordable and FUN
  • 24/7 access to our e-learning platform (usually costs Rs 1600/term)
  • Progress and completion reports - see how your child is improving in real-time
  • Certificates - after successful completion of 2 consecutive online terms


 Term 2 starts:  11th April 2023.

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