Would you like your child to

✓  Speak and Write English With Confidence?
✓ Get Better Grades at School and Pass Exams?
✓ Fall in Love With Learning English and Make New Friends?



Would You Like Your Child to:


 Speak English With Confidence? 

 Get Better Grades at School? 
  Love Learning English and Make New Friends?

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In-person classes

Rs 2500/ month

or Rs 6500/ term

Saturdays at Moka & Cascavelle

  • High-quality learning.
  • Read, write, listen and speak English more accurately and fluently.
  • Passionate, qualified and experienced English teachers.
  • Communicative, FUN and modern teaching methods.
  • Access to 24/7 e-learning platform and free workshops.
  • Payment plans and sibling discounts 

We are confident that your child will love our classes.  If they don't, we'll give you your money back!

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1. Cambridge English accredited Academic Team

2. Trained and experienced teachers of English as a Foreign Language

3. Modern and Effective teaching Methodology

4. Comfortable and pleasant learning environments

5. Variety of 'learn English' resources  

6. Affordable and flexible payment plans

7. 24/7 access to personalised learning on your very own e-learning platform

8. Membership to a community of other parents wanting the best education for their kids

9. Members get FREE workshops, story-telling lessons and much much more...

10.  Watch your child make friends, grow and have FUN learning English!


 Our Classes 

...are available online and in-person.


If you can't come to our Moka or Cascavelle classes, no worries.

You can join our online classes - weekdays after-school.  Get in touch for more information:

WhatsApp Messages: +230 59062381

Email: [email protected]


We  have helped thousands of students improve all areas of their English - speaking, reading, listening, writing, grammar knowledge and vocabulary range. 


Here's what our fabulous students think of us.



I did the course for a few months.  I enjoyed the teaching methods and learned how to speak more confident when public speaking.
At first, it was hard to overcome my fear of speaking in front of a crowd.  Thank you Iman and Success English for all that you did for me.


I had a very good experience and made new friends. I feel happy to work with people that live in other parts of Mauritius who I would not have met before.
I also learnt new things such as how to make a website. This is something new for me. I have never done this before.  I am really grateful that I got to work with Success  English.


Here's what parents say about us...

Parents are a huge part of our Success English family.  We encourage  feedback and work with you to better support your child in achieving their learning goals.

Mandy Gregson 

My (rather shy) daughter did this course last term and really loved it. It really helped to boost her confidence when in front of others. 

Denise Howard-Pitot

Great way of connecting with the audience. keeping them enthralled and hanging on their every word. Professional yet captivating would be the two words I use to describe Success English training.

Jo Tiverton 

 My daughter did this course last term and wow the skills and tools she has gained have been immeasurable, the course really helped her to become more confident in her public speaking skills! Thanks Success English. Amazing course which delivers results. 

Susan Hales

My son is a typical 10 year old boy...more interested in being the cheeky joker than honing his public speaking skills! Despite this, his term in Super Speakers was a massive hit and he came home with A TON of amazing stuff under his belt....so many important life skills learned.


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Jon Doe

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What we do

Our experienced tutors are PASSIONATE and ready to help your child become more fluent and accurate in English.


After some time with us, your child will be better able to:


  • Communicate more fluently and accurately.
  • Read, understand and correctly answer comprehension questions.
  • Use more advanced vocabulary when writing and speaking.
  • Achieve better test and exam results in English.
  • Grow in confidence and make new friends.


Inside our Classes

Grammatical Accuracy
Be better at using the correct grammatical tenses in different situations so that they can communicate a clear message.


Building Vocabulary Range
More exposure to different topics and texts so that they can learn  and use new words when speaking or writing in English.
Academic and Creative writing
Writing is the skill that students need to work on the most so we try to promote a joy for writing stories as well as essays, reports etc.. (for older students).


Research. Debate. Present
In a digital world of misinformation, there is not other skill more important that public speaking. Our learners are made aware of best research practices and helped to confidently articulate their points of view.
Better Pronunciation
Correct pronunciation can prevent a lot of confusion.  Our literacy and phonology lessons improve students awareness and helps them get a lot of practice so that they get better pronouncing English words correctly.


Listening and Reading Skills
These are two essential skills for most exams but are often neglected.  It i simportant for our learner sto know how to answer questions in order for them to perform better at exams. 


Literacy skills
Helping our  younger students develop reading and writing skills builds their confidence and gives them an advantage over their peers at school.  We do this through creative and fun activities such as story-telling, song and arts  - anything that makes them love learning and grow in confidence. 


24/7 access to our e-learning platform @ discounted rates and to our 'Learn English' community. 

Designed by Cambridge English, Expert Tutors.

E-learning platform

Customised for your level and needs.  Practice your pronunciation, reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking whenever you have some spare time.

Play games - learn jokes - ask grammar questions anytime- listen to the radio - watch BBC channels and so much more... in English!


Access to lots of English language learning resources - videos, presentations, workshops and more.

FREE story-telling lessons, Q&As, grammar workshops supported by themed activity packs sent to your inbox.

And me - as me anything, anytime.  I am ALWAYS happy to help.

So what's stopping you from helping your child SUCCEED in English?

I'm not sure how to teach my child nor what they should focus on

We assess your child's level and learning needs, for FREE, before a course starts so that we have a good understanding of how to support their English language learning journey.

Finding the time and money is difficult

As parents ourselves, we understand how difficult this can be.  But, don't worry.  We offer a lot of FLEXIBILITY - face-to-face classes in Moka and Cascavelle, online classes, self-access, on-demand, free workshops and much more. Oh yeah! And we have payment plans to so that you can spread the cost of fees.

I don't know where to start, how to register or what class will be best for my child

You don't need to know.  We are the experts and we are happy to help you decide... we'll assess your child and give you the best advice about how to help them develop their English BETTER and FASTER.  


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