Hey Laydee! 

Want to speak English more fluently and accurately in ONLY  3 MONTHS?

This programme is designed for professional women - mamas, entrepreneurs and teachers who want...


You want to learn:

‚ěĒ Lose weight permanently?
‚ěĒ Regain vibrant health?
‚ěĒ And FINALLY END THE WAR with your body?

If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here. You see I've [insert your own text, eg I've dedicated my life to....]

Here's how I can help...


In ONLY 3 months, Success English Ladies (S.E.L) will make you a better and more confident communicator in English.


Let me help you level up your English and professional skills FAST with my FABULOUS community of ladies from all over the world.


Develop your vocabulary range via lessons accessible 24/7.  Learn in your own time, progress at your own pace.

Get extra practice by completing the excercises.

Speaking Practice

Join other like-minded women at the same stage of their learning journey to practice spoken fluency, accuracy and ask any questions.  Get lots of real-life speaking practice. 


Get support, ask questions, build connections, practice English and have fun talking about topics that you can relate to.

Watch your confidence SOAR! 


Improve your accuracy through video lessons, practice exercises, spoken communications and Q&As - Simple past or Present perfect?



Avoid miscommunication!  Learn about the English phonemes and how to pronounce words accurately so that your message is always clear.

Professional Skills

Develop workplace communication, email and presentation skills to boost your confidence at work.  Share ideas and GROW!


Here's how it works...

Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Log in and start learning.

You'll get special log in details which gives you access to grammar and vocabulary video lessons -  watch them anytime you are free. No stress!  Once watched, complete the related worksheets for additional practice.

Join the live lessons on Zoom.

I'll send you the link to join your class on Zoom every week on:

Mondays: 6:30pm - 7:45 pm
Wednesdays: 7:15pm - 8:30pm 
Enjoy these lessons with me, a highly-qualified English coach. 
Improve your spoken fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and much more...


If you miss the sessions, don't worry, you can always watch the replay whenever you have time.


Connect with other AWESOME women learners whenever you have time.

We use a personalised and private community app where we enjoy speaking clubs, have interesting conversations about work, motherhood, the future; we share ideas, ask questions, support each other and GROW in CONFIDENCE when using English.

Here's what we do...


Success English Ladies (S.E.L)  is a safe place where 'women' can improve their English for work, social or personal reasons.


Designed especially for women - mamas, entrepreneurs and teachers.

Regular English lessons don't work because:

X They focus heavily on grammar rules and textbooks, neglecting practical, real-life communication. 

X They run classes at times you can't attend.  You're busy and you are already juggling too many commitments.

X They use boring and euro-centric materials  which aren't relevant to you.

X They may speak English but are they experienced enough to understand how learning happens best? 

X They don't fully understand that many factors need to be considered about each and every learner before deciding on how to teach them?

S.E.L gets AMAZING results because:

‚ěĒ¬†I get to know you - your learning goals, needs, styles so I can support you the best I can.

‚ěĒ¬†I use material that you need to learn about to reach your learning goals.

‚ěĒ You get lots of real-life practice in our community with other women on similar journeys - speaking club and community

‚ěĒ¬†Everything is designed to be flexible and accessible at a time convenient to you.¬† If you miss a lesson, don't worry, you can watch the recording.

‚ěĒ I am a mother, a teacher, a language learner and an entrepreneur.¬† I hear you, I see you and I will support you.

Here's what others say...

Hey Laydee! 

I'm Iman, your English coach. I absolutely LOVE what I do and have been doing it for nearly 20 years. 
Over the years I have worked for most of the industry leaders in my field, supported CEOs, Heads of departments, Ministries, celebrities and global teams improve their English and professional skills.
I realised last year is that the people I enjoy serving the most are women like me - mothers, entrepreneurs, educators, dreamers, survivors and so much more... so I started building Success English Ladies for you!
So, if you want speak English better and have fun doing it with an awesome group of women, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!
I've helped thousands of professional women GROW IN CONFIDENCE and know I can do the same for you. 


Get in touch for an informal chat and ask any questions you have about learning English. 
I am always happy to help X
Ask me anything

Here's what you get...


‚ěĒ¬†Free diagnostic and¬†level assessment at the start of the course. (worth - $10)

‚ěĒ¬†13¬†hours of live lessons, on Zoom,¬†per¬†course... in small groups. (worth $325)

‚ěĒ¬† 3 month's access to weekly¬†grammar or¬†vocabulary¬†video lessons. Watch them and learn in your own time - (worth $90)

‚ěĒ¬†24/7 lifetime access to our community and speaking club - improve fluency and pronunciation¬†- (worth $60)

‚ěĒ 3 month's access to grammar and vocabulary worksheets for extra practice¬†- (worth $25)

‚ěĒ¬†Membership to our community of FABULOUS like-minded women learning English¬†- ($¬†priceless)

‚ěĒ¬†Access to¬†a highly qualified, passionate and FUN native English tutor¬†-¬†($ priceless)


‚ěĒLearn on the go as resources can be watched on any device with an internet connection.

‚ěĒ¬†Develop professional skills - presentation and email writing¬†too.

TOTAL VALUE $ 510 ++



$77/ month


(These introductory rates will only be offered in May)


Paid monthly - (3 month course)

Usually $97



Paid in advance - (3 month course)

Usually $267


Let's make your English AMAZING!

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Are you ready to speak English more accurately, fluently and confidently?

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