Learn English with EXPERTS!


Our Learning Centres

Our main centre is based in Saint Pierre, Moka, just off the Vivea Business Park roundabout.  Classes are also available at Westcoast International Primary School in Cascavelle – both beautiful, spacious and well-equipped campuses which provide excellent venues for learning.  With great transport links in these areas and ample parking, you should have no trouble finding us.

Our Approach

Every  Success English learner is an individual and capable of great things, given the opportunity to grow.  Through level tests and diagnostic needs analysis, we evaluate our learners’ strengths and weakness so that we can fully understand how we can best help them achieve their individual learning goals. 

You get customised learning programmes – face to face and online from expert tutors using modern teaching methods… the best of both worlds!

Learn Online

Learn online with Native English speakers or get self-access so you can learn anywhere/ anytime. Our Successs English online learning platform – SELP is customised with educational ‘learn English’ activities and games which best suit your  language level.

You'll get your individual login details, personalised attention  from your online tutor and lots of FUN learning English. Accessible 24/7 from any device with an internet connection.

Learn in the Classroom

A communicative style of teaching to adequately challenge and engage our learners because successful learning happens most when students are engaged and having fun!

Our resources are customised to make classes more relevant and enjoyable for you. We know, from experience, that one size does not fit all!

Our courses are linked to internationally accredited programmes (such as Cambridge English) and have been adapted especially for you.  Learning through the arts, music and drama.


Learn in Nature (for kids)

As advocated by the Montessori approach, we are also big believers in the benefits of learning outdoors as it helps promote cognitive, physical, and emotional development in kids.  All our Young Learner classes have been designed with syllabi which incorporate outdoor learning linked to the themes and topics for every group.

Our wonderful garden and creativity will form the basis of outdoor learning through drama, art, music, competitions and much more.

We believe that every child has a high potential to thrive in nature and we see it as our duty to make sure they experience this advantage early on in life.


Iman Sasso

Iman is head of Academic Management at Success English.  In addition to a Bachelors Degree in European Languages, Iman is a Cambridge English certified Teacher who also holds a Trinity College (Oxford) qualification in English Language Teaching.  She has worked with thousands of students from across Europe, Asia and Africa; leading teacher training and corporate skills projects.  She is a highly experienced soft-skills trainer having worked with CEOs and ministries in France, Taiwan, Malaysia, Egypt and Mauritius.


Christel John

With over 25 years of experience in Education and a PGCE in Primary Education from Leicester University, Christel has held positions at RCA schools - Clavis and Westcoast International Primary where she helped set up the schools whilst the she was the Head teacher and Academic Manager. She has taught English at the British Council for around 15 years and most recently,  worked for Dukesbridge schools.

Rita Kevlyuk

Rita has a Bachelors degree in teaching English and Chinese as foreign languages, a Masters in TCSOL and a CELTA (Cambridge Accredited). She has worked in various countries, such as China for First Business Services as a corporate ESL teacher; Russia as an online Business English trainer and, most recently, for British Council in Mauritius where she works as an ESL teacher as well as preparing students for their IELTS exams.

Why us?

With over 50 years, combined, of teaching English as a foreign language, high-calibre qualifications in education, and a solid background in academic excellence, the Success English team is well placed to help English learners of any age, level and background.

Our teachers are some of the best on the island. We guarantee the highest quality learning environment, and our team is committed to using the best resources, techniques and know-how to help our students learn to love to learn!

Above all, we love what we do and we love helping YOU achieve your learning goals.